Neuroanatomy and Behaviour

Neurons artwork homepage image. CC0 Geralt/Pixabay id-582054

Current Issue

Vol. 3 (2021)
Published January 18, 2021

Call for Papers

Do you want to share your work widely without spending research funds? Neuroanatomy and Behaviour is a new journal that allows you to publish your work open access without paying a cent, so that you can reach the widest audience possible while keeping research funds for doing research. It’s edited by emerging leaders to give your work a fresh perspective and rigorous review.

Neuroanatomy and Behaviour is interested in research that advances our understanding of how neural anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and biochemistry influence behaviour, with an eye towards improving mental health.

We are currently seeking review or research articles on any aspect of behavioural neuroscience.

We are offering:

  • No submission fees, page charges, or article processing charges

  • Editorial selection completely free of commercial incentives

  • Confidential peer review, with public review summaries published alongside your paper

  • Your choice of Creative Commons Attribution and NonCommercial licenses

Neuroanatomy and Behaviour is published by Episteme Health Inc., a non-profit group of scientists who are using free open-source software to drastically reduce publishing costs.